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While complete tech community from the world is waiting for the launch date of 2018 iPhone, some good news is coming from the German carrier.

German publication Macerkopf is the latest to reveal details about when the next batch of iPhones could be announced, and more specifically when we might be able to jump in and order one.

As per the report we referred before, two unnamed German carriers as its source, both of which are allegedly preparing for iPhone pre-orders on September 14, 2018, giving us our best indication yet as to when the new 2018 iPhones will be available.

2018 iPhone launching on 12 September?

If you go back a little bit in the history you will find that since 2012, each new line of iPhones has been announced on the second Tuesday or Wednesday of September, without fail, so it’s fair to expect similar timing this year.

This would pin the announcement down to either September 11 or September 12. In 2017, we saw the iPhones announced on September 12, available for pre-order September 14, and then officially released a week later on September 22.

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Considering all the facts that we have we can say that the next batch of iPhones from Apple will be announced Wednesday, September 12, and will be available for pre-order Friday, September 14, and be officially available Friday, September 21.

Apple will also release the final version of iOS 12 shortly before the launch. This could happen on the 18th of September.

However, we don’t have any official confirmation from the company about the launch date of the devices, we expect to hear soon from the US tech giant.

Like last year we expect Apple to be hosting the keynote address for Cupertino on September 12 to showcase the new iPhone models at the Steve Jobs Theater. There are rumours about the launch of 13-inch MacBook.

Name of 2018 iPhone has also been a mystery, it will be interesting to see what Apple name them. It can be iPhone 9, iPhone X (2018), iPhone Xs, iPhone X Plus, iPhone XS Plus, iPhone 2018 or whatever.

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