‘Viral Mobile Tech’ is an independent online publishing venture of a few enthusiastic youths who are dedicated to technologies and working together. The main objective of Viral Mobile Tech is scripting on latest mobile, applications, technologies tips, and tricks and new skills in demand.

We at Viral Mobile Tech believe that if you have to learn something you have to feel and believe it. With a team of technology enthusiastic people, we are committed to delivering all the news from the technology sector at the faster speed and in a reliable way.

“We write about all the news from the technology industry with a core focus on the Smartphone Industry. We try to bring all the news from the technology world to keep our readers updated.”

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Viral Mobile Team

Rahul Kumar Rahul is the founder and content producer at Viral Mobile Tech. He loves technology and mobile more than anything else. His 80% time goes in Playing with technology and reading about the new stuff. Exploring new technology is his passion.

You can reach him on rahul@viralmobiletech.com

Khushbu R Kumar Khushbu is chief editor of Viral Mobile Tech & App Gyaan, she is professionally a CA and tech enthusiasts, her USP is to judge the things with magnifying glass, her love other than technology & tax is eating.

You can reach her on khushbu@appgyaan.com.