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Apple is all set for the annual product launch on Wednesday at its Cupertino, California, headquarters starting at 1 PM EST. This time around, we’ve heard a lot about what the Apple event may have in store (as well as what it won’t), but there are still a few mysteries.

The biggest launch of the event will be the new line-up of the iPhone, but the company is expected to launch the other new devices as well. We are going to talk about the four products that the company can launch in today’s event.


For months, reports have suggested that Apple will announce three new iPhones this year. The two flagship models will be outfitted with OLED displays, one the same size as the iPhone X (5.8 inches) while the other, Apple’s biggest phone to date, could measure 6.5 inches. A third “budget” model, expected to cost about $725, would feature an LED display and come in multiple colors. All three phones should be styled after the iPhone X.

The high-end models will likely be controlled by an Apple-designed A12 processor that runs 10 percent faster than its predecessor. A number of signs suggest that these phones could have better battery life than last year’s models, but they will likely still feature the same camera hardware as the iPhone X. The phones will still feature a Lightning charging port as well.

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Apple Watch Series 4

This year’s Apple Watch will reportedly feature some small external changes along with some key new features. In his most recent research note, TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that he expects the Apple Watch Series 4 to include an electrocardiography sensor for more advanced heart rate monitoring. With this sensor, Apple can perform more advanced heartbeat analysis that’s until now been limited to chest straps or third-party wristbands.

AirPods 2

Apple introduced AirPods, its wireless, in-ear headphones, in 2016. The buds differed from Apple’s existing earbuds not just in their lack of headphone jack or Lightning connector—they also included an array of onboard sensors (for detecting taps and whether they’re being worn), the W1 processor, super quick iPhone pairing, and Siri integration.

Now we’re expecting Apple to debut a second version of the wireless buds. Details are still slim, but we’re anticipating improved battery life (the current iteration delivers about five hours of listening time), a better wireless chip, and “Hey Siri” support for hands-free queries. We should also see an updated AirPods case that charges wirelessly.

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AirPower Mat

Apple’s most recent iPhones have the ability to charge wirelessly, but Apple hasn’t yet shipped its own wireless charger. It announced the AirPower charging mat at last year’s iPhone event with a to-be-determined 2018 release date.

The mat will allow owners of the iPhone X, iPhone 8, or this year’s phones to set their phone down on a mat to charge, rather than plugging in a charger cable. While it was largely expected to ship in June, a variety of technical hurdles pushed its debut later.

Part of the complexity of Apple’s mat may be its need to charge three different-size devices: the iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. If Apple’s figured out the kinks, Apple’s first wireless charger may make another appearance on Wednesday—and finally ship, too.

Other than these products company will make iOS 12 available for download.

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