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Apple is struggling with the sales figures of iPhone, the biggest reason for this to be considered is high Price. In the recent report company has admitted that increased refresh cycle from the loyal customer is one of the biggest reason for reduction in the sales number of the device. Now company is trying its best to increase the sales number in order to achieve that earlier company has started the production of iPhone X and now Apple iPhone SE sales again, the compact phone on the clearance section of its website, where deals on products occasionally pop up. We first spotted the news thanks to MacRumors.

The news may bring cheers to all those who loves the small iPhone and with reduced price it is expected to do good in the different market.

Prices for a silver, rose gold, space grey, or gold model start at $249 for 32GB, down from $349. A 128GB model comes in at $299, down from $449. The phones are new, unlocked, and come with a 4-inch retina display and Apple’s A9 chip. There’s also a 12-megapixel rear camera.

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It looks like the offer is only available to US customers. The UK version of Apple’s site doesn’t list the iPhone SE in its clearance section.

Apple stopped selling the iPhone SE in September 2018, the only remaining 4-inch iPhone and one of the last models to come with a headphone jack. The device originally came out in March 2016.

The iPhone SE was considered Apple’s best iPhone among the cognoscenti, thanks to the fact it packed the guts of a higher end iPhone 6S into the smaller body of an iPhone 5S. It was also cheaper than the rest of Apple’s flagship lineup at the starter price of $349. As it stands, the cheapest iPhone you can buy directly from Apple right now is the iPhone XR or iPhone 7 for $449.

But the biggest question that comes into picture is, “should you buy the old iPhone SE?” Answer of this question is yes if you are looking for the smartphone with small screen size, otherwise there are many new devices from Android OEM’s which is a better option in the price bracket then iPhone SE.

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