iPhone X Plus

Like every other year, Apple iPhone’s has started making the headlines on the internet before the launch of much talked iPhone X Plus. The recent leak of the new iPhone models shows massive detail about the specification and some of the exciting new features that will come with the next generation of handsets.

As per the recent report published in TenderForce, which shows many of the features and specification of the upcoming iPhone, thereby giving us a glimpse into what to expect with the new iPhones.

Specification of iPhone X Plus

One of the most exciting features of the upcoming OLED models, which have been dubbed the iPhone X Plus and second-generation iPhone X, is that they will be compatible with the Apple Pencil. As display sizes have become larger than what they were in the past, the potential for the Pencil can help in enhancing the user experience as one can use it for drawing as well as digital signatures.

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However, the Apple Pencil will be compatible with just the OLED versions of the handset and not the LCD version which is being referred to as either ‘iPhone’ or ‘iPhone 9.’

Moving on, the storage found on the next generation iPhones is set to increase from 256GB for the highest end model to 512GB. This would enable Apple to return to three storage tiers with them being 64GB, 256GB and 512GB. Unfortunately, this too will be for the OLED handsets and not the budget iPhone 9 and it will be limited to 256GB at the top-end.

Next up is RAM, and Apple is set to increase the RAM size of the coming iPhones to from 3GB to 4GB. Again, the cheaper iPhone 9 will be left out of this bump in memory and it will be fitted with 3GB of RAM.

Price of iPhone X Plus

And lastly, the tentative prices of the iPhones have been revealed. Apple is believed to price the iPhone 9 at USD 699 and it will match the cost of last year’s iPhone 8. The OLED versions of the handsets are expected to start at USD 899, which is a USD 100 drop from last year’s iPhone X.

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As per the report Apple is bound to adjust its pricing strategies, influenced by Chinese brands that have successfully expanded their market shares with products that offer high performances at affordable prices.

Recently the design of the upcoming iPhone was revealed in the form of a prototype.

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