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Apple never takes part in the world’s biggest tech trade show, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which takes place each January in Las Vegas, Nevada. But this year Apple made presence at the show in a unique way. Apple has a huge billboard advertisement up at CES 2019, which has managed to create headlines.

Apple’s huge banner advertisement posted on the side of a hotel in Las Vegas says, “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone.” The ad also has a link to Apple’s privacy page on the official company website. The advertisement has caught attention for various reasons.

It’s a clever play on the iconic slogan “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” The real point of the ad, however, is the web address under the text, a link to, which goes into detail about Apple’s privacy and security features, including how data related to Face ID, Touch ID, Apple Pay, and users’ health remain protected.

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One of course, is that Apple is never present at CES with say a booth, but this advertisement is clearly sending out a message. It also comes at a time after Apple revised its upcoming revenue forecast due to lower than expected sales of the iPhone, especially in the China market, and fewer users opting for upgrades in more developed countries.

Apple’s billboard, which was first spotted and shared on Twitter by Engadget’s Chris Velazco, is clearly at dig at the various products and services appearing at CES that aren’t placing enough priority on users’ privacy and security. Apple has rightly earned a reputation for protecting users and their data, not only from third-parties, but making it inaccessible to the company itself.

Apple’s message appears to be simple: We are not trying to sell your data in order to show more ads. Most major technology companies have come under fire for their handling of user privacy, from Google to Facebook to Amazon.  There were reports of smart speakers listening into users’ conversation and sparking of privacy concerns.

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Apple made presence in CES 2019 in such a way that created headlines. For more updates from CES 2019 stay tuned to Viral Mobile Tech.

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