Apple Watch Series 4

The evening was set and Apple Event starts with a video playing to the tunes of Mission Impossible. A good way to showcase the Apple Park. Fun video. And Time Cook is on stage and the first product to launch is Apple Watch Series 4.

He’s talking about Apple products and how they had a profound impact on the user’s life. He’s also talking about Apple’s unique retail experience. Apple Stores have 500 million visitors per year, he reveals.

A big milestone for Apple. Tim Cook reveals the company will soon ship its 200th billion iOS devices. “We will today tell you about our two most personal products,” says Tim Cook.

Talking about the first product of the day, cook said, “We are kicking off the event with Apple Watch Series 4.  Tim Cook reveals that Apple Watch remains the number one best-seller and remains one of the most important parts of millions of users’ lives.”

In this article, we are going to talk about the features of Apple Watch series 4.

Features of Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 is here and it looks exactly like the leaks predicted. It has a 30 percent larger display, thinner bezels. Apple Watch Series 4 will show more on the Watch Face thanks to this bigger screen. The breath app will now be available on a watch face. Just raise your writs and the Breathe app will be available. There’s a new Fire, Water, and Vapour Face as well for the Watch Series 4.

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Apple has introduced a 64-bit processor on the Watch Series 4. It also has a new generation of accelerometer and gyroscope, which will mean improvement when it comes to detecting your swim strokes, etc. Watch Series 4 can now also detect a fall, thanks to these new improved sensors.

Apple Watch Series 4 can detect fall, low heart rate, and ECG. It might sound like a small thing, but the new Apple Watch can detect a fall and even alert your SOS contacts. This, Apple says, needs a tremendous amount of data to work.

On heart rate, there are three new features. One, a notification for really low heart rate; two, screen heart rhythm which could be really out of sync and three, ECG. The electrocardiogram is made possible by electrodes built into the back of the watch. This is indeed game changing and could help early detection of certain types of diseases.

Customers outside the US will have to wait a while to get the feature. It has FDA clearance, by the way.

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Apple Watch Series 4 has on-demand ECG. This has big potential for Apple Watch users. If the watch can accurately detect ECG and store that data, it will be useful for doctors, especially as this data can help predict any future heart issues.

Price And availability of Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 comes in the same steel and aluminum finish options. This time there is a gold coloured variant. Apple Watch Series 4 in Nike Sport will also be available. Apple Watch Series 4 Hermes or the luxury edition will also be available. They have new bands as well.

The Watch Series with GPS will start at $399, while the LTE variant will start at $499. Apple Watch Series 3 will now available at $279. WatchOS 5 is coming on September 17. Apple Watch Series 4 goes on sale from September 21, pre-orders open on September 14.

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