Dark Mode for Android Messages

If you are looking forward to the Dark Mode for Android Messages app, then we have some bad news for you. only a day or so after being updated, Google’s Android Messages app has been rolled back, removing the option for dark mode and returning all other design changes to the previous look.

This goes for all users, who will now notice the app’s stark, all-white look, regardless if they installed the latest update.

The 3.5 update to Android Messages gave the app a Material Theme design overhaul, updating the font used and removing the blue bar at the top of the app, along with adding the option to set dark mode as the default.

Dark mode settings have become a popular trend among apps over the last few years, as adjusting screens from all-white to black or dark gray is often easier on the eyes, especially at night.

While the option for the Dark Mode for Android Messages has been long awaited by many, a number of Reddit users were quick to point out that it was removed yesterday.

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Interestingly, the app was reverted to the previous design without an update, meaning Google has the ability to change the UI with a server-side switch.

Google hasn’t commented on the disappearance of dark mode or why the app was rolled back. It’s possible the feature was released early or other issues were discovered. Seeing as how polished it looked, it’s likely the option will be re-enabled in the near future.

It is possible that maybe there was a last-minute bug that was spotted that could have been critical enough to force the rollback.

However, 9to5Google notes that there weren’t any major bugs or issues that were reported when it was updated, so maybe that might not have been the reason why, but since Google has yet to say anything, it’s really anyone’s guess at the moment.

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