DigiLocker and mParivahan app were launched to make the life easy for two-wheeler or four-wheeler driver in India, but acceptance of document by the traffic police was a challenge. Creating unnecessary issue to the drivers, as we have heard the news about same from across India.

If you are also one of them who faced such issue like me then this news will bring relief on your face. The Road Transport and Highways Ministry have released an advisory for states to ensure documents in electronic form can be presented using government platforms (DigiLocker and mParivahan).

Driving licence and car registrations stored digitally in DigiLocker and mParivahan must be accepted by traffic police, eliminating the need to carry physical versions of the documents while driving.

Further to that, the advisory clarified the two platforms have the facility to pull a citizen’s documents in an electronic form. It added that the data related to insurance of new vehicles and renewal of insurance is also being uploaded by the Insurance Information Board on the database on a daily basis and the same is reflected on the mParivahan and eChallan app of the Ministry.

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“This is in response to a number of grievances/RTI applications received in the Ministry where citizens have complained that the documents available in DigiLocker or the mParivahan app are not considered valid by the traffic police or the motor vehicles department,” said an official statement.

“If the vehicle registration details on the mParivahan or eChallan app contain the details of the policy which is in force, then the requirement of a physical copy of the insurance certificate is also not to be enforced,” it said.

The Ministry added that even in case of an offense when there is a requirement of the documents to be impounded, there would be no requirement of a physical seizure of such documents as the enforcement agencies can have such impounding reflected in the electronic database through the ‘eChallan’ system.

“This IT-based online verification of certificates is expected to help the enforcement authority in ensuring the genuineness of the details which would further result in better compliance and effective monitoring,” it said.

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