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Foldable smartphone is going to be the next big thing in the smartphone market. Samsung is expected to launch their foldable smartphone tomorrow (20th Feb 2019) along with Samsung Galaxy S10 Series of devices. With the recent patent from Apple it seems that foldable iPhone will be reality soon.

Apple has filed a patent which suggests it’s planning to unleash a folding iPhone. The tech giant’s documents reveal that its designers have created a gadget which can fold in half to hide its screen, allowing a large device like an iPad to squeeze into a smaller case.

This design is known as a ‘clamshell’ and is a radical departure from previous iPhone models. However, the patent is not proof that Apple is going to produce a furling phone.

Samsung had unveiled its foldable phone last November at its developer conference. Samsung’s foldable phone which opens up like a book features the new ‘Infinity Flex’ display with a 7.3-inch screen of 1536×2152 pixels resolution. The foldable phone has another 4.5-inch cover display with 840×1960 pixels resolution.

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However, although the phone itself was rumoured to be called the Galaxy X, Samsung did not officially reveal its name.

In September, Samsung mobile boss DJ Koh said it was ‘time to deliver” a folding smartphone after the company had carried out market research which suggested there was a public appetite for such a device. Samsung faces competition in the folding phone market from other companies as well as Apple with Foldable iPhone.

In 2018, US start-up Royole launched the FlexPai, which features a 7.8-inch screen that can be folded down to fit into a pocket.

Flexible displays are not new technology – curved television and smartphone screens have existed for some time – while several high-profile firms including LG and Lenovo have previously demonstrated screens that can be folded or rolled up, but few folding screen mobile products have so far made it to market.

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