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Utilising the Windows 10 capability to support the Dark Modes, Google Chrome is bringing its long-requested Dark Mode to Windows 10, after debuting it on macOS late last year. Responding to one of the questions, Senior Engineer Peter Kasting, responding to a question on Reddit has confirmed that the team is very much working on it. So, we can say Google Chrome Dark Mode is finally coming on Windows 10

Chrome was previously reported to be getting a dark mode on macOS, compatible with the OS’s native dark mode. Now we know that it will also eventually be coming to Windows 10. Just like macOS, Windows 10 has a native, system-wide dark theme, which will turn all compatible apps dark or white with the flip of a switch.

Options of getting the dark mode on the Chrome was always possible by downloading a dark theme, but that’s a workaround rather than a solution – the process should be tied into the OS settings, not the whimsy of a theme and that’s the bit that is taking the time to become a reality.

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It is important to highlight that, this feature is currently still in development, and as such, it’s going to be a while before we get any news about a usable dark mode for Google Chrome. There’s no timescale as yet, and moreover, even when there is a proper dark mode ready for testing, it’ll have to progress through the Canary and Beta channels before it lands as a stable option, meaning that, unless you feel confident in rooting around in the flag’s menu, it’s likely to be Summer before it’s a viable option.

Dark Mode is becoming the trend, all the applications are opting for the options. Recently it is reported that Facebook is working on the dark mode for the messenger app and beta version of WhatsApp and Instagram has already experienced the feature.

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