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If you are running iOS 12 on your iPhone, then you will agree with me that OS is the finest update till date from Apple. The Cupertino-based tech giant simply opted for the optimizations over iOS 11 and avoided implementing unnecessary visual gimmicks or useless features just for the sake of it. In this article, we are going to talk about 5 tips to increase the battery efficiency on your iOS 12 device.

Keep eye on battery usage

iOS 12 features a revamped Battery usage panel on your iPhone and iPad, which now provides detailed graphs that visually depict how the iPhone or iPad consumed battery during either the last 24 hours or the past 2 days (or 10 days on the iPad). Tap Battery on the Settings app to access it.

Simply tap on any area within the graph, and you should see which apps were used during that period, along with consumption levels per app.

Further down, you can monitor all apps in terms of their battery usage and activity since the last charge. Apps that run in the background are also listed accordingly.

Consider checking the Battery usage panel regularly so that you can tone down on the apps that are using up the most amount of battery life. Also, make use of iOS 12’s Screen Time functionality to impose limits on how much access you have to certain power-hungry apps.

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Disable location services, when not in use

Certain apps like to use your location to deliver a better experience when online. However, this function takes a significant toll on battery life due to the additional workload. Hence, consider turning off location services for apps that you could do without.

To manage location services, tap Privacy in the Settings app, and then tap Location. From this screen, you can disable location services for all apps on your device, or manage them individually per app.

When managing apps individually, you can further specify whether an app can use location services using the Never, While Using, or Always options. If location services are important for the app in question (such as Google Maps or Apple Maps), you may want to select the While Using option rather than disabling location services completely.

Turn ON wi-fi assist

If you reside in an area with wild fluctuations in signal strength, that alone can cause severe drops in battery life. That’s because the cellular radio on your iOS device works overtime to establish connectivity.

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To prevent that from happening, iOS 12 features the Wi-Fi Assist option, which as the name suggests, connects automatically to known Wi-Fi hotspots in instances where cellular connectivity drops randomly.

To turn on Wi-Fi Assist, tap Cellular Data in the Settings panel, scroll all the way down and then turn on the toggle next to Wi-Fi Assist.

Reduce Auto-Lock time duration

Is the screen on your iPhone or iPad taking a long time to turn off by itself? That’s a waste of battery life, right?

To lower the time duration, tap Display & Brightness on the Settings app, and then tap Auto-Lock. On the subsequent screen, select a much lower time frame than the one that’s already in use. The 30 Seconds or 1 Minute options should do you a world of good.

Reduce the sync frequency for your apps

When adding email accounts that fetch data from online servers to stay updated, your device ends up consuming more battery. However, you can tone down on the frequency of the Fetch schedule used by iOS 12 to do that, tap the Passwords & Accounts option on the Settings app, and then tap Fetch New Data.

Under the section labeled Fetch, select a higher time duration (preferably Hourly). Alternatively, use the Manually option to only fetch data when you actively use the app, or Automatically to have that happen when connected to a source of power.

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