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It seems that time is not in favour of Apple, after facing ban in China and Germany in the lawsuit case against Qualcomm, another bad news erupt for the company new flagship phone iPhone XS Max. As per the reports published online one-Month old iPhone Xs Max caught fire in the owner pant pocket.

Man from Columbus, Ohio, Josh Hillard, claims that his less than one-month old iPhone XS Max caught fire in his pants pocket around December 12. He stated that the Apple iPhone XS Max was kept in his back pocket when it began to release “a large amount of heat” including green and yellow smoke. He said he had to quickly leave the break room where his co-workers were, to find a private place to take his shoes and clothes off. The man claims he just purchased the iPhone XS Max around three weeks prior to the incident which leaves little room for long-term battery abuse to be playing a factor here.

Pictures of the burnt iPhone XS Max show severe damage to the handset. It’s most visible on the front display where more than half of the screen is charred and deformed, but there is also significant damage on the sides and back of the handset. Clearly, something unfortunate happened, and according to the phone’s owner, it happened rather abruptly while he was at work.

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Later that evening, Hillard took the remains of the burnt iPhone XS Max and went to the Apple store. He was dissatisfied by the customer service provided. He claims he spent 20 minutes answering questions by an Apple store employee and then waited another 40 minutes after the phone was returned.

The Apple store manager apparently told Hillard that his device had to be sent to the engineering team for analysis and that this was the only way he could get a replacement unit.

Statement from Apple on the incident is still awaited, is this issue going to affect the series of iPhone Xs Max or its one of the incident, only time will tell about the situation.

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