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A recent lawsuit against Apple accused the two-factor authentication process of the iPhone-maker of being disruptive to users, time-consuming and abusive since it cannot be rolled back to a less safe login method after 14 days. The suit, filed by Jay Brodsky in California, alleged that Apple did not get user consent to enable two-factor authentication, an Apple Insider reported on Saturday.

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security designed by Apple to ensure that you are the only person who can access your account, even if someone knows your password.

Brodsky’s suit also mentions that once enabled, Apple’s two-factor authentication “imposes an extraneous logging-in procedure that requires a user to both remember the password and have access to a trusted device or phone number” when a device is enabled.

The suit alleged that Apple’s e-mail that reaches users upon enabling the two-factor authentication was insufficient to warn the user that the setting was irrevocable.

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Seeking all funds, revenues and benefits that the iPhone-maker has “unjustly received” from the action, the suit demanded injunctive relief, fines and penalties assessed on Apple in accordance with the “Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.”  Brodsky also asserted that Apple was violating California’s Invasion of Privacy Act.

In the recent times, Apple has been facing lots of issue and many lawsuits are being filed against the company. As reported day before yesterday, lawsuit againt Apple was filed for forcing the users to buy the new original charger through iOS update. Lawsuit was filed recently by Monica Emerson, a resident of California. This new case alleges that the company intently pushed an update to its phones so that they reject being charged when connected to older Apple chargers, thus forcing users to buy new original chargers made by Apple.

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