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Gmail Material Design has been finally rolled out by Google. The update brings new design elements like the company’s Google Sans font (aka “Pixel” font), a new search bar that will live at the top of the display, and it got rid of the red menubar that used to be a cornerstone of the app. Google has also cleaned up the overall design a bit so that things look less crowded.

The key thing is that the app is very bright. For some reason, taking away that red bar on the top of the screen makes it so much more obvious that the rest of the display is basically a solid white block of text now. It’s enough to make you want to turn down the brightness on your phone in some cases.

Despite the new coat of paint, it’s still Gmail, and it should work as well as the Gmail app always does. The update is available for all Android users today, and it should be coming to iOS users soon, too. Gmail Material Design looks cleaner and beautiful to use.

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Other than Gmail Material Design, revamping is going on continuously, recently Alphabet Inc. owned company, Google has revamped right click option for G-suit users and added options like easy label adding, moving, muting and snooze emails to the right-click context menu of its emailing platform. The redesign started off as an optional feature, but Google made it clear that all users would eventually be migrated over to this new redesign. The latest addition is changes to the Gmail right-click menu, which now brings more useful options to the mailbox.

The new options would enable users to reply to or forward an email directly from a message while opening multiple emails in multiple new windows, Google wrote in a G Suite blog post on Monday.

The previous Gmail right-click menu only gave the users three options to choose from the archive, mark as unread or delete.

The new additions come with options to search for all emails from the same sender or with the same subjects at once.

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Currently, users are limited to only a handful of options such as Archive, Delete, and Mark as Unread, when right-clicking on an email. With the new update to Gmail for desktop, users can do a lot more, such as reply, forward, snooze, and mute, as well as search for previous emails from the same sender or with the same subject. Placing these options within easy reach takes out a few extra steps from the daily workflow of a large number of users, making Gmail much more convenient to use.

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