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Way back in 2014, Google has introduced the Material Design and now it seems that is slowly but gradually spreading across all Google products. From the time Material Design was introduced by Google, a number of Google apps and services such as Google Calendar, Google News, Google Drive, Google Phone and Gmail have adopted it. However, the new design theme was seen only on the web version of Gmail until now. Taking a step further, Google is now rolling out the Material theme for Gmail app cross both Android and iOS platforms as well.

Following the typical design rules of the Material theme which were adopted last year, the new Gmail now looks cleaner with more of white colour to be seen in the app. Google has dropped the Gmail’s signature red bar and there’s a search bar at the top now.

The new Gmail makes it easier to switch between accounts with a shortcut for account switcher on the main page. Previously, you had to open the sidebar for switching accounts. It is placed at the upper right-hand side of the window placed within the search bar which now also incorporates the hamburger menu. Google-style floating action button for composing a new email, like before, is placed at the bottom of the page.

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Some of the significant features from Gmail’s web version have also made their way to the app like the attachment previews which will enable you to quickly view attachments of the mail without opening or scrolling through the conversation. The big red phishing warnings to alert you also now show up in your Gmail app now.

Google has not just been tweaking the design of Gmail but has also introduced array of new features since last year. Last year it introduced host of features for Gmail including nudge and smart compose features. A week ago it added new Undo and Redo shortcuts right into the compose window of the email service. As the name suggests, the Undo button will let you restore the content before the change was made while the Redo button will reverse the changes.

Google has also added a Strikethrough button. “We’ve heard from you that this functionality is critical to quickly and efficiently write emails, especially when you want to visually indicate a change in language,” says Google about the Strikethrough button in its blog post.

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It is a good Step by Google to introduce Material theme for Gmail app. This was important as inbox by Gmail was announced to be shutting down by March 2019.

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