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OnePlus is the leader for top premium phone brand in India occupying the top position in the segment where phones sell for Rs 30,000 or more in Q2 this year. In Q3 nothing changes in this regard notes the latest report by the market research agency, Counterpoint. With 30 percent market share in the premium segment, OnePlus continues to lead the market ahead of Apple and Samsung.

The lead, according to Counterpoint, is due to the strong showing from OnePlus 6 that was the best-selling premium phone in India in Q3, 2018. “OnePlus 6 became the highest selling flagship model for OnePlus within five months of its launch,” said Tarun Pathak, Associate Director at Counterpoint. “In terms of best-selling models, OnePlus 6 remains the best-selling model in the premium segment followed by the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy A8 Star.”

Last quarter it was the OnePlus 5T that was the top-selling phone in India, ahead of the iPhone and the Galaxy phones. Of all the premium phones with top-end hardware, the OnePlus 6 and before that OnePlus 5T is the most affordable phone. It comes with top-end hardware like AMOLED screen, up to 8GB RAM and Snapdragon 845 processor and yet is sold at prices that are almost half of what Apple or Samsung charge for their top-end phones.

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This time around, with the OnePlus 6 launch being a little older now, Apple and Samsung managed to close the gap. Apple was also probably helped by the launch of the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max, the orders for which would have been high in the initial sale. Samsung, hints the Counterpoint report, was likely helped by the launch of the Galaxy Note 9 in this period.

“OnePlus led the premium smartphone segment for the second successive quarter, capturing 30 percent of the market driven by the strong performance of its OnePlus 6. Positive word of mouth along with an effective social media strategy has helped OnePlus in targeting a new user base. Samsung captured 28 percent share of the premium segment,” said Pathak. In Q3, 2018, Apple had a 25 percent market share in the premium phone segment in India.

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