Queen Elizabeth II

Social Media and Instant Messaging are somewhere blessing for the people, we are close to each other irrespective of boundary dividing countries, but every good thing come with star marks and fake news is one of the biggest issues in Social Media world. Recently Queen Elizabeth II has been targeted with the fake news.

Users shared #RIPQueenElizabeth hashtag on Twitter as the death hoax took hold on social media, the hoax was boosted by a fake cover of a CNN article. According to British media, it all began at Reddit website where a user said the Queen would pass away on January 5.

The reports said the monarch has long been the target of a viral death hoax. Original message and the user’s personal account was mysteriously deleted from Reddit after the rumor became viral.

Buckingham Palace refused to comment on the claims. According to Express.co.uk, there have been no official reports on the Queen Elizabeth II ill health as she continues to pack on her agenda with numerous royal events.

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Many users took to sharing the hashtag as a joke, but some people thought it was real.

“Queen Elizabeth was a great queen of England, through good times and bad, and with her passing comes a time of mourning for the whole world. #ripqueenelizabeth,” one person wrote.

This is far from the first time that Queen Elizabeth has been the target of a viral death hoax. There have been several other instances of people trying to spark viral rumors of her death, with the fake reports gaining steam a few times. In August 2016, one false report claimed that the head of the British Royal Family had died in her sleep.

Fake news is one of the biggest issues of social media world and companies like Facebook and WhatsApp is doing their best to deal with issue, but this issue needs our attention and we should verify the details of news before circulating further. Fake news should be treated with great responsibilities and our role is crucial in that. We request all our readers at Viral Mobile Tech should be aware and not get trapped with fake news.  

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