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With the growing popularity of smartphone, the biggest challenge is related to health, Smartphone addiction is real and is slowly turning into an unhealthy obsession that is messing the minds of people. While we consider lengthy exposure to screens as a major issue, we often fail to neglect other harmful effects that smartphones can have on our health. The radio frequency waves emitted by phones can even cause cancerous tumors, according to Smartphone radiation is really becoming a concern now.

Every smartphone comes with a Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) value that quantifies the amount of radio frequency waves emitted from a smartphone, effectively the radiation of Smartphone. Higher the SAR value, more are the chances of users getting exposed to the harmful radiation. You can usually find SAR value of your device at its official website or in the user manual.

But if you are looking forward to purchasing a smartphone in 2019 that emits the least amount of radiation, here is a list you can refer to. The list has been compiled by German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Bundesamt fur Strahlenschutz) and published by

Samsung Note 8 owners are least prone to radiations and out of the 16 enlisted smartphones, eight are from Samsung.

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Now, don’t you want to know the smartphones which emit the highest amount of radiation? Here, is the list you need to see.

Xiaomi Mi A1 is the smartphone emitting maximum levels of radiations. As evident from the list above, popular Chinese smartphone maker companies like Xiaomi and OnePlus come with the most harmful effects.

Sadly, I own a OnePlus 6 which is thirteen in this list and can be very harmful on the radiation front. Overall it seems that all the devices from OnePlus have been placed on bottom and leader is OnePlus 5T.

Which Device you won and where it has been ranked, you can share with us in the comment section below. Whichever device you are using we recommend you taking break from it on regular interval. Keeping the phone away when not in use, for example keeping the smartphone on table instead in pocket when in office, these small change will help you keep yourself healthy.

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