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We are a couple weeks away from welcoming the new year and as we progress towards new year new technology from the smartphone and technology world has made their mark. Last week we have seen some great things happening in the smartphone in industry, India saw the launch of first 10GB RAM smartphone, the OnePlus 6T McLaren edition and launch date of Samsung new flagship surfaced online. In this article we are going to talkabout the top 5 tech news from last week.

Samsung Galaxy A8s first smartphone with camera hole in the display

After lots of speculations and leaks, Samsung has finally launched their first smartphonewith the new infinity display, infinity-o display. Samsung just announced theworld’s first smartphone with camera hole in the display, the Samsung GalaxyA8s.

It’s actually a pretty capable smartphone with a powerful Snapdragon 710 chipset paired with either 6or 8GB of RAM while the storage is 128GB. It can be expanded with a microSD card of up to 512GB.

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OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition launched with 10GB RAM

After lots of talk and tease, the new OnePlus 6T has been finally launched. Yes, you guessed it correct we are talking about the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition. Unlike the OnePlus6T Purple Thunder, which is just OnePlus 6T in a new colour, the OnePlus 6TMcLarenEdition brings with it something extra. With some orange twist in colour frontand improved fast charging, OnePlus as launched the new OnePlus 6T.

Vivo Nex Dual Display Editions launched in China

Vivo has launched its latest flagship smartphone in its home country China, called the Vivo Nex Dual-display edition. As the name suggests the handsets comes with two screens on both front and back, which is the USP of the device.

That means you don’t have to settle for the crummy secondary camera when you want to take a picture or answer a video call. And with three cameras on this baby, you can not only shoot in Portrait mode with the background blurred, but also capture 3D image for better facial recognition and AR experiences.

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Google+shutting down by April 2019

Google has announced that the consumer version of its Google+ shutting down by April 2019, instead of the earlier deadline of August 2019. This is after it discovered a new bug, which compromised the data of nearly 52.5 million users.

Launch date of Samsung Galaxy S10 is February 20

As we have reported earlier from the leak that, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 will have three models in their line-up, a regular Galaxy S10, GalaxyS10 Lite, and Galaxy S10Plus. But the biggest question that when the new flagship from the Samsung will be reality or basically what will be the Launch date of Samsung Galaxy S10.

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