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It seems that WhatsApphas decided that they are going to change the users experience completely. As expected,the WhatsApp picture-in-picture has been finally rolled out to the stable versionof the App.

This feature will allow users to watch video content from third-party apps within WhatsApp, without the need to move outside a chat window. While this update has been available on iOS since early in the year, PiP mode was initially introduced in the platform’sAndroid beta in October.

Through the latest Android version of WhatsApp, users will not be redirected to external pages, if they click on video links sent from YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram, among others. When a link from a third-party video link appears on WhatsApp,one can find the video card with a blurred version of the thumbnail image, aswell as the platform logo.

On tapping the link, the WhatsApp picture-in-picture mode makes the video played over the top half of the chat window, whichusers can choose to convert to full-screen viewing, while users can alsooperate the video timeline bar below, to scroll to or past different segments.

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While the Facebook-ownedplatform is expected to expand support across more platforms, major social media platforms have been included for P
WhatsApp picture-in-picture mode. Users can check for WhatsApp version 2.18.380 through the Google Play Store, or consider updating their appto use the same. This mode can be used for both individual chats and groupchats, and is compatible across Android devices.

WhatsApp has also been testing other new features for Android, such as an improved group calling interface. This will allow users to call up all members of a group call at the same time, instead of considering individually adding them to an existing call.This feature is already present on iOS, and could be rolled out soon. Also,WhatsApp is considering a Dark mode, like YouTube, to make night-time viewingeasier.

Moreover, the company has already rolled out some of the features to the platform, which includes replying to the messages directly from the notification panel. Several reports also claim that WhatsApp is also working on a new feature, which will enable the users to preview photos or videos from the notification panel itself.

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