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orld is talking about the next big change in the smartphone market, the foldable smartphone. The buzz was started by Samsung, the company is yet to launch the device officially, but as per the reports company has showcased the device at CES 2019 to close group of people. As we have reported earlier the tease of foldable smartphone from Xiaomi, now Xiaomi foldable smartphone has been officially teased by company president and co-founder Lin Bin.

In the video, you’ll see the executive using a tablet-sized gadget — until he folds its sides and uses it like you would any phone. Its UI even automatically resizes itself to occupy just the middle part of the screen, so you won’t have to flip the device to look at the folded parts of the display.

To make it as authentically phone-like as possible, the company put a power button at the top-center of the device when it’s held in landscape mode. That way, the button will still be easily accessible when it’s used as a phone. Bin wrote in his post that the form factor, which “perfectly merges the experience” of a phone and a tablet, is the result of the company’s work on foldable displays, folding hinges and other technical challenges.

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The Xiaomi foldable smartphone concept was leaked on Baidu recently and was pictured in two separate renders. The phone uses flexible screen that can be bent upwards, downward, as well as to the left and right. The images don’t show sign of a Photoshopped render so may perhaps be authentic. The Xiaomi foldable phone works both as a tablet as well as a phone. On folding the sides of the device it turns into a phone while on unfolding the sides the device can be used as a tablet.

The prototype doesn’t show the phone with any cameras. It just shows the basic design of how the Xiaomi foldable phone will look like. The specifications of the handset have not been detailed, but what we can tell you is that it runs on an MIUI skin atop the Android. The skin seems to customised for the device as we can see that the content seamlessly scales itself when the phone is folded.

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