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Days after Spotify launched its music streaming service India, Google has struck and launched YouTube Music and YouTube Premium in the country. The two new services now join Google Play Music and Google Play Movies, which launched back in 2017.

The ad-supported version of YouTube Music will be free of cost, but you can opt for YouTube Music Premium is priced at Rs 99 per month, while YouTube Premium will cost Rs 129 a month. There is also a family plan which lets you add up to six accounts for Rs 189 a month.

The pricing makes it the cheapest when compared to other countries around the world, but when it comes to streaming service providers in India, it seems to be at par. Google is offering a complimentary three month trial for YouTubePremium, and if you own the new Samsung Galaxy S10, and haven’t subscribed to YouTubePremium, YouTube Music Premium or Google Play Music, you can try out four months of free access to YouTube Premium.

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YouTube Music is pretty straightforward. You get access to a large library of music and the premium version doesn’t bug you with any ads. Since there are a lot of music services in India, this service doesn’t seem all that attractive. However, YouTubePremium is what seems more interesting as It offers features like the ability to play videos in the background even when your phone is locked, access to YouTube Originals and offline downloads. Notably, YouTube Music Premium is bundled within YouTube Premium.

YouTube already has a strong presence in India. According to a Nielsen report, YouTube is the country’s top source for streaming music, and Indian music label T-Series surpassed YouTube star PewDiePie as the most subscribed channel on the entire platform for the third time, before dropping back to second place.

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