CES 2019

We are in the week of CES 2019, this means lots of gadgets and technology will be showcased this week. We are going to look at some of the new and interesting launches from the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 (CES 2019), which is taking place in Las Vegas.

We have covered a detailed report about the launch of LG 88-inches 8K television and Intel and Facebook plan to launch the Artificial Intelligence Chip reveiled at CES 2019.

Temi Robot

Usually, CES robots are a little sad, but Temi is different. Instead of pretending their robot can do a bunch of things it can’t, like hold a conversation, the team at Temi focused on the things it can. The Temi Robot has 16 sensors (including LiDAR) that help it recognize people and map out your home. With the tap of a button it can follow you, or go anywhere you ask it. When it gets there, it can play music or media, wirelessly charge devices, act as an Alexa device, and work as a video chat or telepresence bot, among other things. If you can find a reason to use the $1,500 Temi, it’s a robot that may actually be of use.

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Vuze XR Camera

You may have heard: XR is a thing this year at CES. One of the companies helping creators capture XR content (the term is really just a bucket to describe AR, VR, and mixed reality) is HumanEyes, which is here at CES with its new multi-mode camera. The Vuze XR can capture a 180-degree stereo image that you can use to create video for stereoscopic viewers (like VR or Daydream headsets), and it can shoot a 360-degree video for AR applications.

Sony GTK-PG10

At its heart, Sony has always been a company unafraid of making absurd and occasionally delightful ideas manifest. Add to that proud legacy the GTK-PG10, a big, bulky Bluetooth speaker with two top panels that unfold to reveal four splash proof cup holders. You read that correctly! Yes, OK, the GTK-PG10 also has actual speaker-related specs, like 13 hours of playback, mic input for karaoke tailgates, an FM tuner, and the ability to charge your smartphone while you rock out. But be honest, you’re still thinking about those cup holders.

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TwelveSouth PowerPic

As far as dual-use gadgets go, you can’t get much more clever than the PowerPic. It’s an ordinary wooden 5×7 picture frame that just happens to hide wireless charging powers inside. Need a quick top-off while you’re making dinner? Put it in the kitchen. Want bedside charging that matches your decor? Friends, PowerPic your life. You can even, if you’re feeling frisky, set your smartphone’s wallpaper to match the print. At $80, PowerPic ain’t cheap. But ingenuity’s worth paying for.

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